Tesseract in Talouselämä 5/2021: Bitcoin’s golden scent

May 2021


This article was originally published in print on Talouselämä issue number 18 on 7.5.2021. The digital version (in Finnish) can be found here. 

The article discusses the value proposition and utility of Bitcoin and distributed, decentralised, blockchains. This well-researched article gives an amazing overview from a practical standpoint and serves as a good introduction to investors interested in digital assets. 

The article published on Friday, May 7, titled “Bitcoin smells like gold” reports on Bitcoin’s status as a tool from the perspective of an individual investor, user, or a business. Our CEO, Yichen Wu, expands on the digital asset credit markets and the protection provided by distributed technologies. In addition to Yichen’s interview, Tesseract’s Head of Growth, Juuso Roinevirta, talks about the mining of digital assets. Our Finnish partner Coinmotion was also featured on the article.  

Investors highly divided attitudes towards digital assets as investment vehicles were also clearly communicated in the article. However, the interest in digital assets is increasing; large international financial institutions, thousands of individual investors, and family offices are utilising digital assets in their portfolios. Yet many continue to maintain a negative view. In the end, digital assets are not optimal, or even suitable, for all investment strategies but the increasing interest and knowledge surrounding the assets is what’s important.