Asset Management

Since inception in 2017, Tesseract has been actively identifying and resolving shortcomings within the digital asset lending market. We are a diversified digital asset management business managing hundreds of millions of assets primarily in digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum and stablecoins such as USDC.

Our team has extensive experience in managing capital across a wide spectrum of asset classes, long-lasting relationships with industry service providers and counterparties, as well as established networks within the digital asset ecosystem.

Our technology platform provides a one-of-its-kind solution within digital asset lending, giving peace of mind for both lenders and borrowers for their holdings.

For Investors

Generating stable yield on digital assets

We give holders of digital assets a way of earning a significant and secure yield on their investment, in addition to the price appreciation of the underlying digital asset itself. For our investors, our mission is to ensure that the investment is protected against market price shocks and allocated to the most reputable borrowers in the crypto lending market.

We connect investors to potential borrowers from a wide range of industries and institutions working in digital asset markets. In underwriting loans to digital asset borrowers, we take every precaution to ascertain their eligibility, financial standing and relevant track record.

Tesseract lending products have achieved constantly higher returns over similar (conventional) products, have nearly zero correlation to traditional financial assets and retain the upside potential of the growing digital asset class to lenders without additional equity risk.

Our 24/7 risk monitoring and management system provides further protection for your investment against market shocks and digital asset price volatility.

For Borrowers

Instant access to capital for digital asset managers

Despite rapid development in recent years, there is still a chasm for capital flows between the traditional and digital finance worlds. Traditional banks lack the expertise in managing digital assets, and shy away from providing loans against collateral in digital assets.

Tesseract is changing that and has extended hundreds of millions of credit in digital assets such as BTC and USDC across its innovative cross-margin prime lending and collateralized lending programs.

We help our borrower clients to increase capital efficiency and gain instant access to liquidity through a hassle-free UX. Our borrower clients choose us for needs in e.g. financing working capital, trading, hedging or obtaining leverage in digital asset markets.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

The forefront of finance

We at Tesseract firmly believe, that decentralized finance (DeFi) will be the next frontier of finance. If digital assets were the first step, DeFi will be the next step. As technologies become more and more intrusive, the need for decentralization grows.

What we saw in 2020 with DeFi asset class going from around 0.6 BUSD to over 15 BUSD in locked value was only the start. Still, as in any new asset class or technology paradigm, DeFi will have its ups and downs, its problems and solutions, its technological innovators (such as Aave, a Finnish startup we have been working with for years) as well as its more shadowy players.

Tesseract’s DeFi team, a pioneer in the European asset management segment, actively engages with various DeFi platforms to research, experiment as well as deploy capital via various strategies.

We at Tesseract can help you navigate the space – and, quite frankly, obtain superior returns via DeFi. Contact us to learn more on what the forefront of finance is.

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