Tesseract’s API -based white label yield solution minimises development needs and enables you to attract & retain customers more effectively while diversifying revenue.

Become a market leader

Attract & retain customers while diversifying revenue

Tesseract offers a suite of highly innovative products, tailored to meet your customers’ preferences. Combined with our industry-leading rates, guaranteed by our best-in-class operational efficiency and risk management system, Tesseract Earn helps you attract more customers.

Furthermore, customers who hold assets in an Earn account are less likely to move their funds to a competing platform.

Partnering with Tesseract diversifies revenue streams and reduces the impact of downturns in trading activity. Backed by our long track record and experience, Tesseract Earn ensures profitability regardless of market conditions.

True partnership

Enter a mutually beneficial partnership with the best in industry

Tesseract offers a true mutually beneficial partnership where we will develop the business together, sharing best practices with our network of partners.

Tesseract’s fully automated, API -based white-label platform with end-user level granularity minimises costs in development & operations and ensures quick time to market.

Tesseract is one of our most valued partners. Together with Tesseract, we offer cryptocurrency interest accounts to our end-customers and develop Coinmotion Private banking services. We’ve been working with Yichen and his team since 2018 and are extremely happy with the collaboration.

– Heidi Hurskainen, CEO, Coinmotion

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