Redefining digital asset lending

Tesseract is a Fin-FSA regulated digital asset innovator backed by reputable investors, focusing on institutional brokerage and asset management.

We serve investors, retail trading platforms, custodians, and borrowers of capital globally with novel technology solutions that safeguard client assets and optimise capital efficiency.

Since founding in 2017, we have a track record of rigorous risk management, innovation, and profitable growth.


We enable owners of digital assets to earn yield with our innovative suite of yield products, safeguarded by our proprietary risk engine and 3rd party custody.


We extend credit in digital assets with our innovative lending technology that optimises capital efficiency, streamlines processes, and increases trust.


We provide retail platforms and institutional custodians with innovative API-based yield and lending products to attract and retain customers, generate additional revenue, and enable focus on their core business.



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Based in Helsinki, Finland and regulated by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority

Tesseract was amongst the first companies to obtain a 5AMLD virtual asset service provider licence in the European Union. Tesseract is supervised by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority, the same authority supervising the largest banks in Northern Europe.

Adhering to the highest standards of national and international financial regulation, Tesseract aims to promote trust and transparency in the digital asset industry through active dialogue with the regulators.

June 2022

Finland’s customs authority (Tulli) chooses Tesseract and Coinmotion to sell seized Bitcoins, with proceeds to be donated to Ukraine.

April 2022

Tesseract, one of the first regulated entities in the European Union to offer crypto yield products, joins the Fireblocks Network.

April 2022

Deep diving into crypto yield at PBWS 2022

March 2022

6 Benefits of Offering Earn Accounts on your Platform


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