Finland’s customs authority (Tulli) chooses Tesseract and Coinmotion to sell seized Bitcoins, with proceeds to be donated to Ukraine.

June 2022


Here is our announcement regarding Finland’s customs authority’s decision to choose Tesseract and Coinmotion to sell seized bitcoins from criminal activities, as published on our official LinkedIn company page on April 29th.

We have always held ourselves to the highest standard in every possible way to demonstrate that we are a world-leading institution at the bleeding edge of finance, technology, and regulation. Yesterday, as a testament to that, Finland’s customs authority announced that we have been selected as one of the two brokers to manage the sale of the $75 million worth of seized Bitcoins that the authorities hold.

Ilkka Salo (Co-founder)

We are also thrilled that the Finnish government has decided to donate a part of the proceeds to Ukraine’s fight for freedom.

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