Deep diving into crypto yield at PBWS 2022

April 2022



Crypto yield is one of the topmost hot topics in the industry today. Some believe it is not sustainable and, therefore, a time bomb that is already ticking. Others are convinced it is the new frontier, as it is expanding the possibilities to areas never seen in history. There’s a simple reason why all the debate, and that is because it is an innovation, and as such, there is no historical context to provide insights into its long-term viability.


There is no history. While the concept and some primitive cases have been around for a couple of decades, cryptos have become a viable option only around five years ago. And only in the last two to three years have practical cases of crypto yield emerged. Luckily, Tesseract’s CEO is one of the early adopters who has gained so much knowledge and experience to become one of the top global experts.

Insights at PBWS

When our CEO, Yichen Wu, was invited to present on crypto yield at the 2022 edition of the Paris Blockchain Week Summit, he saw an excellent opportunity to share his insights on this topic. In the video below, Yichen analyzes the three areas of crypto yield and communicates with the crowd some insights on each topic’s past, present, and future. Make sure to watch the whole video, as it was selected as one of the top keynotes at PBWS this year.

Crypto Yield: time bomb or the new frontier?

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