Tesseract Labs

Tesseract develops sophisticated quantitative tools and technologies to achieve best risk-adjusted returns for our clients. We have invested substantially in our platform right from day one and thought leadership in technology is one of our key focus areas. 

Our technology team consists of the best talent with backgrounds from Morgan Stanley, OP Bank, Etera Insurance, Nordpool as well as from other leading institutions. 

Core Tesseract
technology platform

Battle-tested proprietary risk engine

The Tesseract technology platform is a one-of-a-kind solution in the digital asset lending space providing peace of mind for our lenders and borrowers with top of class automated quantitative risk management processes. 

As an example, our credit risk engine has carried us smoothly through at least three major cycles in the digital asset markets and endured periods of heavy price volatility over the past 36 months. 

Cross-exchange, cross-asset risk management

World’s first cross-venue cross-digital asset margin lending facility

Cross-exchange risk management has been one of the most pressing problems for sophisticated market participants in digital asset markets. In October 2020 Tesseract, in partnership with Copper, released the world’s first cross-venue cross-digital asset margin lending facility to directly address this problem. 

The margin lending facility integrates our credit framework with the major crypto exchanges around the world allowing the real-time monitoring of borrowers’ creditworthiness. Data is then fed automatically to Tesseract’s risk engine and margin valuation system for comprehensive risk management for investors. 

This facility is integrated into all of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world including Kraken, Binance, and Coinbase as well as a wide variety of leading digital asset custodians. Tesseract continuously develops the facility by adding new custodians and exchanges.

Quantitative approach

Keeping risks and opportunities in sight 

We take a computational and automated approach in everything we do, employing quantitative modelling, machine learning, and other algorithmic techniques to capture the fleeting opportunities in the market and to facilitate the efficient execution of our process. 

Experimental research

The forefront of finance

Our experimental research team is working with DeFi, algorithmic systems, tokenisation as well as new forms of credits in cryptocurrency, to take advantage of opportunities in the ever-expanding sphere of digital asset finance. We actively adopt new technologies to integrate them into our other operations. Our decentralised finance team is one of the largest ones in Northern Europe.

Everyone in our team is encouraged to spend 20% of their time working on a subject within the digital asset ecosystem that they find interesting regardless of whether it is immediately connected to their role at Tesseract. As a company and as individuals, we aim to be in the forefront of finance in the future as well.

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