Tesseract’s API -based white label yield solution minimises development needs and enables you to attract & retain customers more effectively while diversifying revenue.

Become a market leader

Attract & retain customers while diversifying revenue

Attract more customers: Tesseract’s highly innovative products, tailored to meet your customers’ preferences, provide industry-leading rates, attracting more users to your platform.

Decrease churn: wide product selection combined with industry-leading rates makes the opportunity cost of moving assets to a competing platform more tangible, decreasing churn.

Diversify revenue: an additional revenue source positions your business for longevity, helping you stay profitable even when markets turn sour.

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Industry-leading Yield solution tailored to your needs

Best solution: Our innovative solution offers the most advanced suite of products, industry-leading rates, best operational efficiency, and most robust risk management systems.

Fastest time to market: Our turnkey solution and integration support team enables you to integrate with our API in less than 4 weeks, minimising cost & time to market.

Unique insights: Tesseract partnership model includes developing our business together, sharing best practices with our network of partners to ensure you stay ahead of the curve.

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